Sustainability Policy / Promotion System

Sustainability Policy

Based on the recognition that efforts and initiatives on the Environment, Society, and Governance (ESG) in our asset management operations contribute to increasing the value of assets under management and bolstering our competitive edge in the medium to long term, in compliance with the management philosophy and perspective of the sustainability policy of the Mitsui & Co., Group to which we belong, we set forth the following as our Sustainability Policy and implement efforts and initiatives on sustainability through our business activities.

1.Response to Climate Change and Resilience

Based on the understanding that response to climate change issues is one of the key challenges under property investment management, we strive to assess and identify the risks and opportunities associated with investment real estate under management appropriately.
Further, through managing those risks and opportunities, we also work on ensuring the ability and system (resilience) to respond to medium- to long-term changes in the environment/society and events, including disasters, properly.

2.Realization of Circular Economy Through Environmental Management of Portfolio

We identify and manage the impact on the environment associated with property investment through the internal environmental management system properly. Besides thorough compliance with environmental laws and regulations, through efforts on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using resources and energy efficiently, saving water and using sustainable water, cutting the amount of waste, or disposing of it appropriately, we manage environmental risks and explore opportunities to create added value concurrently, thereby realizing a circular economy that aims to make economic growth and environmental load reduction compatible.

3.Confidence-building and Collaboration with Stakeholders

By building favorable relations through opportunities for dialogue with outside stakeholders, including tenants of investment properties under management, local communities, property management firms or operators, and suppliers, we collaborate in addressing environmental or social challenges while striving to operate the business efficiently, increase tenant satisfaction, and contribute to the development of the local community.

4.Initiatives for Employees

We provide employees with opportunities for education and capacity development to enhance their professional knowledge and abilities as well as knowledge and understanding of sustainability and ESG.
Further, by helping them create a healthy, safe and comfortable work environment and promote work-life balance, we ensure that all officers and employees can exercise their full potential.

5.Respect of Human Rights and Compliance

In compliance with international human rights law and the Mitsui & Co., Group’s human rights policy, we put in place the system to identify, assess, prevent, and relieve the negative impact on human rights, such as forced labor, child labor, discrimination, harassment or inhumane treatment, and respect basic human rights and fundamental rights for workers.
Additionally, we continuously bolster the compliance system to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, fair trade, proper management of information, and prevention of corruption or conflicts of interest, thereby engaging in fair business activities.

6.Disclosure of ESG Information and Securing of Transparency

To ensure mutual trust between diverse stakeholders, we disclose information about ESG timely, properly, proactively, and continuously while promoting efforts in the context of outside industry standards/norms, such as environmental certification related to real estate, and international initiatives on ESG as well.

Sustainability Promotion System

To formulate regulations for the sustainability promotion system and implement the Sustainability Policy, we have the following internal system in place:

Annual Action Plan

(1) To promote sustainability, we formulate an annual action plan as a concrete execution plan.

(2) An annual action plan is formulated and deliberated by the Sustainability Promotion Meeting, determined by the final decision-maker, and executed by Chief Sustainability Officer.

(3) The Sustainability Promotion Meeting checks the progress /achievement of an annual action plan, and the final decision-maker conducts an annual review.

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