Management Philosophy

Equipped with strong integrity and corporate ethics, Mitsui & Co., Realty Management Ltd. manages real estate properties and other assets. As such, the Company works to contribute to the sound development of the real estate finance market and, with stalwart motivation and ambition as a firm exercising social significance, pursues business that is beneficial for all stakeholders.

Management Policy

We will do our best to become a company that is always trusted by investors and other stakeholders.

Management Policy-01
We will always try to be "fair" and "modest", and earnestly engage in business operations, keeping investor protection in mind at all time.
Management Policy-02
Being involved in the management of real estate and other assets as a financial instruments business operator, we will pursue best practices from the perspective of investors. No efforts shall be spared to enhance revenues from management through the implementation of appropriate management measures.
Management Policy-03
We position comprehensive compliance as a fundamental principle of our management, with a strong recognition that compliance is the keystone of the Company’s management base.

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