Posting Advertisement Based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

The products and services the Company handles and provides are wide-ranging and highly diversified. As such, the fees, compensations and expenses (hereafter, "fees, etc.") need to be determined separately in terms of the types and value of the necessary fees, etc. in consideration of the types of the subject products, types of services the Company provides, contract periods and other situations. Due to such reasons, the Company cannot indicate the amounts, ceilings, calculation methods or other factors of the fees, etc. in advance.

In terms of fees, etc. for individual products or services the Company offers, please confirm them via documents or other materials that the Company issues in advance concerning individual products or services.

The products handled by the Company may have their profitability or principal prices impacted directly or indirectly by fluctuations of indices in the financial products market, market prices of rents, land prices in the market and other prices in the real estate market, resulting in possible losses. In addition, other than the above, there are possibilities of suffering losses as a result of the product values damaged by such risk factors as damages to values due to natural disasters, generation of losses due to defects in real estate, and increased burdens of taxes and public charges due to revisions in the taxation system. Moreover, there are possibilities of suffering losses as a result of the product values being damaged by the risk that products cannot be monetized at a certain assumed period in time due to their low liquidity, by various contract relations involving products or by product designs. Furthermore, there is the potential in certain cases that such losses may surpass the invested principals.

As for the risk factors involving individual products and the reasons why losses are generated by such risk factors, etc., please study the documents and other materials the Company issues in advance.

Furthermore, customers shall bear the risk that the values of the securities they have invested in may fall below the principals of their investment. There is no guarantee for either the principals or returns.

When you conclude a contract regarding products or services the Company handles or offers, please study and check the content of the contract sufficiently utilizing documents and other materials the Company issues in advance.

Mitsui & Co., Realty Management Ltd.

  • Financial instruments business operator: Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 1645
  • Type II financial instruments business operator, investment advisory and agency business operator, investment management business operator
  • Member of the Japan Investment Advisers Association
  • Member of the Investment Trusts Association, Japan

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